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What's often inky in color, purple in hue, with black fruit notes? Malbec and Syrah! It can be easy to confuse these two, especially since they are represented in both the new world and the old world as testable expressions.

We will have a flight of 6 - 3 of each varietal - in order to pick apart the minute differences that make these grapes and appellations distinctive.

Please make sure to show up if you sign up so we can prepare for an accurate headcount. If you like, you can forward it to your friends in the wine industry - the more, the merrier!

Last time we talked about aromatic whites such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Muscat, Viognier and Torrontes.  Well, there is no Alsace Muscat for sale in Dallas, so we are replacing it with an Alsace Pinot Gris. Not exactly aromatic but it is a high quality example from a producer known for its fuller, more opulent style. It should blend in well with the rest of the wines.

5 wines only for this round, 4 of them should be stellar. (Guess which one is not!)

Please make sure to show up if you sign up. If you like, you can forward it to your friends in the wine industry.

Bordeaux Wine Council and Blind Bishop invites the hospitality industry for Bordeaux tastings and wine service classes.

These educational sessions are free of charge and are for qualifying wine bar or restaurant servers or sommeliers only. You are qualified if you are among the service staff at a wine bar or a restaurant with a wine list.

You can register for one or all of the sessions below as they fit your schedule.

(If you are the owner or manager of a restaurant/wine bar, you can send a group of your staff. Please do so either by filling out the form for each team member or send us an email at

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we'll send you a confirmation once we establish your connection with your restaurant.

Red Wine Service & Bordeaux
October 18, 11:00am-12:30pm

Want to up your wine service game? Learn how to take the order, present, open, and serve a red wine. We’ll especially focus on the Côtes de Bordeaux appellations during a tasting with 6+ samples. Learn how to talk about these easy-drinking reds!

Emma Baudry of Bordeaux Blanc and Cote de Bordeaux Group, and Dilek Caner, Master of Wine will lead the session.

During the training session, learners will be able to practice service with actual bottles.

Food & Wine Pairing: Modern wines for modern cuisine
October 25, 11:00am-12:30pm

Learn to taste and evaluate wine. Experience the effect of food components (sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami) on wines.

Tasting includes a diverse selection of Bordeaux wines, produced by the new generation of winegrowers producing fresh wines for perfect pairings.

Bordeaux by the map
November 1, 11:00am-12:30pm

Take a deeper dive into what makes Bordeaux unique to increase your confidence tableside. A special focus on the all-encompassing appellations of Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur with a tasting of 6+ samples.

Learn how to talk about the wines that make up half of the region's production - delight your guests!