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WSET Level 3 Award in Wines

What you'll learn:

On the theory side, you'll learn how the conditions and the practices in the vineyard and the winery affect the style, quality and price of a wine.

On the tasting side, you'll learn how to analyze a wine and convey your assessment of the wine using WSET's Systematic Approach to Tasting.

This knowledge will allow you to:

  • understand the taste profiles of various wine grapes, and how those profiles change based on where the wine comes from.
  • objectively assess the quality of a wine, independent of whether you like it or of whether the wine is expensive or not.
  • understand how wines are priced and what makes some wines more expensive than the others.
  • after tasting and analyzing a wine, deduct the processes a wine may have been through and their effects on the wine.

Wine service and storage are also covered in this course.

This course is for:

  • WSET Level 2 graduates
  • Enthusiasts with some formal wine training and exposure to a wide variety of regions and wines
  • Sommeliers, wine retail personnel, wine distributors, and restaurant servers who have had extensive experience in wine


Week 1

Course Induction and Tasting Technique

The Natural Factors and Human Influences in the Vineyard


Week 2

The Human Factors in the Winery that Influence Style, Quality and Price

White Wines of Germany, Alsace, Austria and the Tokaj region of Hungary


Week 3

White Wines of Burgundy, the Loire Valley and Bordeaux

Red and Rosé Wines of Bordeaux, South West France and the Loire Valley.


Week 4

Red Wines of Burgundy and the Red and White Wines of the Northern Rhône Valley

Red, white and rosé wines of the Southern Rhône Valley, Southern France; Red wines of Spain part 1 and white wines of Spain and Portugal


Week 5

Red Wines of Northern Spain and Red and White Wines of Northern Italy

Red and White wines of Central and Southern Italy, the Red Wines of Portugal, and the Red and White wines of Greece


Week 6

Premium Red Wine Regions of the New World

Premium White Wine Regions of the New World


Week 7

Regional Specialities of the New World

Sparkling Wines


Week 8

Fortified Wines